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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Coach Ashley Gatthered Leather Satchel - Stone

RM 1080 only

The Ashley is both extremely stylish, yet versatile and functional.  It can be worn as shown in the first image with the upper sides folded down and clipped via a dog leash style clasp on either side.  The sides actually clip to a shoulder strap which runs along the underneath part of the bag when not in use.

Features two rolled leather handles that have a 4 1/2" drop. If the 19" detachable shoulder strap is used and it's worn as a shoulder bag, the drop is 12". - check it out
Includes an authentic Coach embossed black leather hang tag. Coach’s creed and authenticity black leather patch with serial number is contained inside along with a Coach care card.
It measures approximately 7" high, 12” long and is about 6" deep. Flattened bottom features four nickel snaps to hold the shoulder strap in place that also help protect the bottom of your bag.        

** This item is available for installment purchase